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Products we supply

We supply all types of spouting, guttering and roofing products.

Strictly Spouting supply every type of product related to rain harvesting. That includes Spouting and Guttering, Roofing and Downpipes. We've provided this page as a basic list for common products we supply although there are many products that haven't been listed. If you're need of a particular product or you're not sure of the product name, contact us and one of our team will give you the name of your unknown product.

We offer products on a supply only basis too. Delivery can be arranged for you at the time of purchase if you wish, just let us know where you want your products delivered to and we'll give you a date that we can get it there. For your Free quote on any spouting / guttering / roofing / downpipes / fasteners / sealant products, contact us today for one off orders or to make Strictly Spouting your new supplier and source for rainwater goods.

Spouting Profiles

These are the most common profiles

These are the most common spouting profiles on houses in Auckland. Check under the heading to see what materials we can get the product in. The 1/4 Round profile in PVC is called Stormcloud. The Old Gothic profile in PVC is called Classic. The pictures below are to show the profile of each one.

1/4 Round

Available in Colorsteel, PVC, Copper, Zincalume, Galvanised

Old Gothic

Available in Colorsteel and PVC

Products by name

Use this list to find a name of a product.

Internal Spouting | Internal Gutter | 125 Box Gutter | 175 Box Gutter | 300 Box Gutter | 1/4 Round Spouting | Half Round Spouting Old Gothic Spouting | Classic Spouting | Colorsteel Downpipe | Metal Downpipe | Plastic Downpipe | Stormcloud PVC Spouting( marley) | Classic PVC Spouting( marley ) | Corrugate | Corrugate ( Custom Orb Corrugate ) | Mini Corrugate ( Mini Orb Corrugate ) | Plumbdek | Trimform | Trimline | Six Rib | ST 7 | ST 900 | Multispan | Paneldek | Kliplok | Hi Rib | Euro-Line | Trimklad | STC 900 | Multiklad | Spring Curved profiles | Multiline Quad | Customline Spouting | Highline | Plumbline Spouting / Guttering | Multiline Fascia ( External, 150mm & 185mm ) |

Products by Material

We supply most of the products above in these types of materials. Other material types we supply and install are found here too:

Colorsteel | Colorcote | Copper | Brass | Continuous | Marley PVC / Plastic | Tile | Poly Carbonate Roofing | Laserlite | Zincalume | Duralume | Galvsteel | Stainless Steel | Aluminium | Galvanised | Steel | Longrun

Flashings made to your specifications

Email or send us a drawing with specifications and the lengths / material type required.

Custom made | Kick in Barge | Kick out Barge | Birds Beak Barge | Square Barge | Soft Edge Barge | Rolled Barge | Notched Apron | Soft Edge Apron | Abutment or Side Flashing | Standard Valley | L flashing | Z flashing | Parapet capping |

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